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Duality Patch Notes 2.0!!!

Thanks for all of your guy’s patience! I’ve been swamped with school backing up because of my car breaking down in the middle of a road trip, but all caught up now! As of today I’m shipping out copies to the final phase of testers! So here is all the cool stuffs I’ve done and…

Duality Patch Notes V1.4

Hello all from the teams at Essency Studios and Bondo Games, we have received LOTS of bug reports and such and have rolled out some fixes for you! (Note: if you downloaded the game before 7/12 it will need a redownload to apply fixes and updates) Fixed: Hole in the wall next to giant blue…


Ok i did a cool thing this is the product of months of work so each like on the trailer repairs a bit of my dead soul

In depth exploration of some features! [Video]

Heyo we are back with a video showing off some of the features we talked about in depth, don’t worry beta trailer will be coming out early next week!

Duality beta progress report!

Quick message from ultra cool developers: Duality beta should be releasing sometime late next week on the website and possibly other distribution websites. We are also making a little ol cool trailer for it so watch out for that, and another video coming soon before that one giving a little detailed explanation on the game…

Multi-Dimensional puzzle example [Video] :)

Heres a cool video showing off a simple multi-dimensional puzzle in one of the upcoming levels in beta release! Watch out for: Newsletter/email subscription option Subscription option with our discord bot where it will PM you when a post or announcement goes live!  

Level revamps inbound!

Whole level revamps are coming to prepare for beta release New vs old versions of level #TBD  

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