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Duality Patch Notes 2.0!!!

Thanks for all of your guy’s patience! I’ve been swamped with school backing up because of my car breaking down in the middle of a road trip, but all caught up now!
As of today I’m shipping out copies to the final phase of testers! So here is all the cool stuffs I’ve done and to be expected in the final release which will be on steam (I need to wait 30 days after buying the steam direct fee so rip)

  • Added: Few more levels including a second tutorial level
  • Added: New models for things in the game so its less confusing
  • Added: Few more scripts to make your good ol playing experience a bit smoother
  • Added: Whole new player controller fixing many things the default unity package comes with!
  • Added: New text system for crisper noice text
  • Added: New music track for the first level


  • Fixed: Text showing through walls
  • Fixed: Player controller sticking to edges with shitty edge-look “feature”
  • Fixed: Pushable objects not being able to be pushed with your body by adding click push mechanic
  • Fixed: Stupid AI that keeps putting secret messages in my posts hinting to easter eggs
  • Fixed: Some framerate drops
  • Fixed: Most of the audio ear-rape bugs (except the one when you launch the game sorrryyyyyy i try so hard <3)
  • Fixed: A bazillion different things wrong with level 10
  • Fixed: The dimensional platform prefabs not disabling colliders when you switch damn dimensions
  • Fixed: Some weird turret activity going on with the mutating semi-potato-intelligent logic scripts
  • Fixed: Minor bugs revolving movement
  • Fixed: Lighting in half the levels so you aren’t blind stumbling around half the time
  • Fixed: Another collider issue with the moving dimensional platform on level 5
  • Fixed: Cubes not dropping or picking up because of stupid colliders getting in the way
  • Fixed: New cube prefab not under tag protection to disabling from alphatoggle.cs
  • Fixed: Few minor things triggering my OCD and slightly offset in few levels
  • Fixed: Game being bad
  • Fixed: Me running out of ideas to put in these patch notes but want to seem like im aktually working on shit
  • Fixed: Button pedestal on moving dimensional platform having the ability to break physics and fly
  • Fixed: Me having no fans to buy me games, my dad pitched in and said he would be my first <3
  • Fixed: Levels not updated to new cube models
  • Fixed: TinyCube guider gameObject
  • Fixed: Falloff scripts on level 8 to be regional and so you cant lose tiny cubes
  • Fixed: Sneaky blue dimensional platform pretending to be an orange one!
  • Fixed: Models on level 10
  • Fixed: platforms spinning the wrong way on levels 10 and something else i forgot
  • Fixed: staying on giant gray platform in level 10 breaking player controller after flipping up

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