I have experimented  and prototyped a few game ideas, but they never really went anywhere. Since the release of Duality and They Cant Stop All Of Us I’ve been wanting to set the scope a bit higher. And that brings us to the topic of the first blog post in… over a year? 

Lots of people throw around the term “open world RPG,” now I know this is what gets the new guys all riled up and stuck years in development limbo. But lets for the sake of your dwindling attention span speed things along, I know those pictures got you wanting to scroll down.

Part of this journey includes actually bringing on more people besides just myself and maybe one other dude to develop. So far I have brought on quite a few people by posting in game development community discords and other community outreach like through the last release I worked on.

One such member has been Filipe Pinto, an amazing talented concept artist / illustrator who has helped immensely with envisioning the world of our new game, Zor. Check out his artstation to commission something yourself!

Another member I’ve brought on is Reyes, he has been working on modeling for awhile and we needed someone to help start out the project with the player model. It’s been quite a learning experience for me working alongside him and I definitely learned how not to lead a development team while entering this whole new world of “collaboration.”

Recently he has been doing lots of cool stuff for sculpt January which I didn’t even know was a thing! Go check out his instagram to see more cool stuff he has been experimenting with.

Along with Reyes I’ve also brought on Stikyt to help model and sculpt. His first task was to create a couple swords to test his skills as a talented man in charge of the forge producing weapons for our lovely creatures to kill eachother with.

Though rumor has it he has recently taken up something to do with caves…

Last but not least Dayton had joined our party as a dedicated level designer role. We don’t have much visual stuff built yet, but here is a quick look at a mockup scene he made with placeholder assets. 

Look forward to seeing what he can accomplish with all the right tools at his disposal banking on thousands of hours of level design in other games.

Make sure to join our discord for more daily updates! Tip, use !playtester in the bot channel to join the army of bug squashers!