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Duality Patch Notes 2.0!!!

Thanks for all of your guy’s patience! I’ve been swamped with school backing up because of my car breaking down in the middle of a road trip, but all caught up now!
As of today I’m shipping out copies to the final phase of testers! So here is all the cool stuffs I’ve done and to be expected in the final release which will be on steam (I need to wait 30 days after buying the steam direct fee so rip)

  • Added: Few more levels including a second tutorial level
  • Added: New models for things in the game so its less confusing
  • Added: Few more scripts to make your good ol playing experience a bit smoother
  • Added: Whole new player controller fixing many things the default unity package comes with!
  • Added: New text system for crisper noice text
  • Added: New music track for the first level


  • Fixed: Text showing through walls
  • Fixed: Player controller sticking to edges with shitty edge-look “feature”
  • Fixed: Pushable objects not being able to be pushed with your body by adding click push mechanic
  • Fixed: Stupid AI that keeps putting secret messages in my posts hinting to easter eggs
  • Fixed: Some framerate drops
  • Fixed: Most of the audio ear-rape bugs (except the one when you launch the game sorrryyyyyy i try so hard <3)
  • Fixed: A bazillion different things wrong with level 10
  • Fixed: The dimensional platform prefabs not disabling colliders when you switch damn dimensions
  • Fixed: Some weird turret activity going on with the mutating semi-potato-intelligent logic scripts
  • Fixed: Minor bugs revolving movement
  • Fixed: Lighting in half the levels so you aren’t blind stumbling around half the time
  • Fixed: Another collider issue with the moving dimensional platform on level 5
  • Fixed: Cubes not dropping or picking up because of stupid colliders getting in the way
  • Fixed: New cube prefab not under tag protection to disabling from alphatoggle.cs
  • Fixed: Few minor things triggering my OCD and slightly offset in few levels
  • Fixed: Game being bad
  • Fixed: Me running out of ideas to put in these patch notes but want to seem like im aktually working on shit
  • Fixed: Button pedestal on moving dimensional platform having the ability to break physics and fly
  • Fixed: Me having no fans to buy me games, my dad pitched in and said he would be my first <3
  • Fixed: Levels not updated to new cube models
  • Fixed: TinyCube guider gameObject
  • Fixed: Falloff scripts on level 8 to be regional and so you cant lose tiny cubes
  • Fixed: Sneaky blue dimensional platform pretending to be an orange one!
  • Fixed: Models on level 10
  • Fixed: platforms spinning the wrong way on levels 10 and something else i forgot
  • Fixed: staying on giant gray platform in level 10 breaking player controller after flipping up

Duality Patch Notes V1.4

Hello all from the teams at Essency Studios and Bondo Games, we have received LOTS of bug reports and such and have rolled out some fixes for you!

(Note: if you downloaded the game before 7/12 it will need a redownload to apply fixes and updates)

  • Fixed: Hole in the wall next to giant blue ball in lvl 2
  • Fixed: End of level buttons now actually load up the menu
  • Fixed: Lasers defying the laws of this universe and shining through objects
  • Fixed: Platforms in the dimension maze on level 3 glitching you through the wall
  • Fixed: Most of the glass related visibility issues, should be more clear on poo monitors
  • Fixed: Error on level 3 getting you stuck between two thingies in the laser puzzle room
  • Fixed: Sneaky blue cube in disguise as an orange cube spying on the cube pile
  • Fixed: Turrets on level 4 being too OP for you noobs (get good)
  • Fixed: Unreal amounts of wall colliding material flickering glitches
  • Fixed: Platforms in the dimension maze on level 3 glitching you through the wall
  • Fixed: Irrelevant bugs that don’t matter to anyone but me for 0.01% more fps
  • Fixed: Door not working properly on level 2
  • Fixed: Doors on level 4 not staying open once you solved the whole powerline puzzle!
  • Fixed: Our slave AI super-intelligence that sometimes put secret messages in posts
  • Fixed: Noisy loud music levels in the cinematic shot in menu to be less loud
  • Fixed: Trashy little preǵ̴̩̮o̴̯̭̼̒ ssure plate that soò̷̩͊v̸̔͘e̴̍r̸̿ metimes dit̴̎̂h̵ȅ̶̒ dn’t work when putw̵̅̅ȃ̴̖ll̶ ting a cube on top of it
  • Fixed: Weird point where you would fall through the map if running down the left side of a ramp
  • Fixed: Rotating powerline receivers to turn off of you actually turn it off sometimes


Side note our website is now Https for extra security and protection for our deeply valued hopefully paying customers!


Ok i did a cool thing this is the product of months of work so each like on the trailer repairs a bit of my dead soul

In depth exploration of some features! [Video]

Heyo we are back with a video showing off some of the features we talked about in depth, don’t worry beta trailer will be coming out early next week!

Duality beta progress report!

Quick message from ultra cool developers: Duality beta should be releasing sometime late next week on the website and possibly other distribution websites. We are also making a little ol cool trailer for it so watch out for that, and another video coming soon before that one giving a little detailed explanation on the game for people who don’t know of its amazingness yet.

Pre-Beta 0.1 notes:

  • Fixed clips in roller ball puzzle.
  • Fixed mysterious disappearing floaty red cube
  • Fixed level 3 turrets teleporting you below the floor
  • Fixed intersecting objects causing graphical errors in level 1, 2, 3 and 4!
  • Fixed placement of laser receiver so you cant skip half of level 1 (sorry speedrunners!)
  • Fixed placement of upper walkway, ramp, and few walls to make level 3 big room better
  • Fixed gamebreaking bug in level 2 where you could skip 90% of it and glitch to the end (sorry again speedrunners!)
  • Fixed turrets in level 4 shooting you through walls because their bullets were just so awesome
  • Fixed new blue shooty turret in level 4 having red bullets instead of blue + tweaks to firerate to make it more OP
  • Fixed elevators being all wonky and turning your player sideways defying the laws of the matrix
  • Fixed end bit in level 3 having invisible sides and wrong materials
  • Fixed level 4 rotating laser emitters not rotating when they are told to
  • Fixed dimensional magnets not being in any of the right dimensions in instantiated floaty doors
  • Fixed some script errors not allowing us to toggle glowy blue platforms with laser receiver if they started emitting in Awake function
  • Fixed dimensional doors in level 2 not being in the right dimension and being just assigned to the current dimension
  • Fixed glowy balls of doom not being triggered by falloff trigger in lvl 2
  • Fixed falloff script in level 3 not accepting objects/cubes as valid triggerers (its a word, if not ill make it one)
  • Fixed lighting in all levels to be less dark so you can actually see stuff
  • Fixed a number of things in tutorial level such as rotating text not rotating defeating its purpose in life
  • Fixed final door in level 1 not opening because none of the magic words worked
  • Fixed all door materials in level 1 and 3 to be up to code
  • Fixed triggers on floaty dimensional doors so you cant be trapped in an infinite loop of being dragged forward before being sent to oblivion
  • Fixed Audio sources in laser emitters to be not ear-rape when you stand next to them
  • Fixed flickering dimensional line in level 2 to always be in the right dimension according to the player
  • Fixed staged doors in level 2 in left room not being toggled right by the laser receivers
  • Fixed falling chamber teleportation you out of the map
  • Fixed script in final part of level 3 intersecting and overlapping with the adjacent orange cube room teleporting you to the end and skipping the whole level (sorry speedrunners)
  • Fixed lights in level 4 being blinding and too bright


  • Added new kind of turret to level 4 to make life harder on you
  • Added more multi-dimensional parkour to level 3 to make life harder on you
  • Added more floaty cubes to level 3 after all the playtesters said we needed to make a game out of just that bit
  • Added two sections of multi-dimensional parkour to level 2 after feedback from website form and playtesters
  • Added rotating laser emitters and complex laser emitter puzzles to level 4 because why not
  • Added cool end of level button (no spoilers)
  • Added acid barrels to level 2
  • Added new dark and light themed models for laser emitter
  • Added new secret code – 5136
  • Added new models for glass floors in level 3 making it less gross with texture overlapping
  • Added glowy platforms to level 4 to make it less gross and harder (who walks on normal bridges nowadays?)
  • Added more bugs because with new stuff comes new bugs, we all know this. Its your job to find them now!


  • Rotating powerline accepters in level 1 wont turn off if given correct sequence of power and rotated again
  • Multi-Dimensional platforms and parenting objects breaking carried cube if player does a stupid and toggles dimensions while standing on it
  • Albe is now self aware and is out to stop duality from working
  • Laser receiver wont untoggle toggled stuff if you give it the correct laser then rotate or move the emitter


Multi-Dimensional puzzle example [Video] :)

Heres a cool video showing off a simple multi-dimensional puzzle in one of the upcoming levels in beta release!

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Level revamps inbound!

Whole level revamps are coming to prepare for beta release

New vs old versions of level #TBD