Hello all from the teams at Essency Studios and Bondo Games, we have received LOTS of bug reports and such and have rolled out some fixes for you!

(Note: if you downloaded the game before 7/12 it will need a redownload to apply fixes and updates)

  • Fixed: Hole in the wall next to giant blue ball in lvl 2
  • Fixed: End of level buttons now actually load up the menu
  • Fixed: Lasers defying the laws of this universe and shining through objects
  • Fixed: Platforms in the dimension maze on level 3 glitching you through the wall
  • Fixed: Most of the glass related visibility issues, should be more clear on poo monitors
  • Fixed: Error on level 3 getting you stuck between two thingies in the laser puzzle room
  • Fixed: Sneaky blue cube in disguise as an orange cube spying on the cube pile
  • Fixed: Turrets on level 4 being too OP for you noobs (get good)
  • Fixed: Unreal amounts of wall colliding material flickering glitches
  • Fixed: Platforms in the dimension maze on level 3 glitching you through the wall
  • Fixed: Irrelevant bugs that don’t matter to anyone but me for 0.01% more fps
  • Fixed: Door not working properly on level 2
  • Fixed: Doors on level 4 not staying open once you solved the whole powerline puzzle!
  • Fixed: Our slave AI super-intelligence that sometimes put secret messages in posts
  • Fixed: Noisy loud music levels in the cinematic shot in menu to be less loud
  • Fixed: Trashy little preǵ̴̩̮o̴̯̭̼̒ ssure plate that soò̷̩͊v̸̔͘e̴̍r̸̿ metimes dit̴̎̂h̵ȅ̶̒ dn’t work when putw̵̅̅ȃ̴̖ll̶ ting a cube on top of it
  • Fixed: Weird point where you would fall through the map if running down the left side of a ramp
  • Fixed: Rotating powerline receivers to turn off of you actually turn it off sometimes


Side note our website is now Https for extra security and protection for our deeply valued hopefully paying customers!