Duality beta progress report!

Quick message from ultra cool developers: Duality beta should be releasing sometime late next week on the website and possibly other distribution websites. We are also making a little ol cool trailer for it so watch out for that, and another video coming soon before that one giving a little detailed explanation on the game for people who don’t know of its amazingness yet.

Pre-Beta 0.1 notes:

  • Fixed clips in roller ball puzzle.
  • Fixed mysterious disappearing floaty red cube
  • Fixed level 3 turrets teleporting you below the floor
  • Fixed intersecting objects causing graphical errors in level 1, 2, 3 and 4!
  • Fixed placement of laser receiver so you cant skip half of level 1 (sorry speedrunners!)
  • Fixed placement of upper walkway, ramp, and few walls to make level 3 big room better
  • Fixed gamebreaking bug in level 2 where you could skip 90% of it and glitch to the end (sorry again speedrunners!)
  • Fixed turrets in level 4 shooting you through walls because their bullets were just so awesome
  • Fixed new blue shooty turret in level 4 having red bullets instead of blue + tweaks to firerate to make it more OP
  • Fixed elevators being all wonky and turning your player sideways defying the laws of the matrix
  • Fixed end bit in level 3 having invisible sides and wrong materials
  • Fixed level 4 rotating laser emitters not rotating when they are told to
  • Fixed dimensional magnets not being in any of the right dimensions in instantiated floaty doors
  • Fixed some script errors not allowing us to toggle glowy blue platforms with laser receiver if they started emitting in Awake function
  • Fixed dimensional doors in level 2 not being in the right dimension and being just assigned to the current dimension
  • Fixed glowy balls of doom not being triggered by falloff trigger in lvl 2
  • Fixed falloff script in level 3 not accepting objects/cubes as valid triggerers (its a word, if not ill make it one)
  • Fixed lighting in all levels to be less dark so you can actually see stuff
  • Fixed a number of things in tutorial level such as rotating text not rotating defeating its purpose in life
  • Fixed final door in level 1 not opening because none of the magic words worked
  • Fixed all door materials in level 1 and 3 to be up to code
  • Fixed triggers on floaty dimensional doors so you cant be trapped in an infinite loop of being dragged forward before being sent to oblivion
  • Fixed Audio sources in laser emitters to be not ear-rape when you stand next to them
  • Fixed flickering dimensional line in level 2 to always be in the right dimension according to the player
  • Fixed staged doors in level 2 in left room not being toggled right by the laser receivers
  • Fixed falling chamber teleportation you out of the map
  • Fixed script in final part of level 3 intersecting and overlapping with the adjacent orange cube room teleporting you to the end and skipping the whole level (sorry speedrunners)
  • Fixed lights in level 4 being blinding and too bright


  • Added new kind of turret to level 4 to make life harder on you
  • Added more multi-dimensional parkour to level 3 to make life harder on you
  • Added more floaty cubes to level 3 after all the playtesters said we needed to make a game out of just that bit
  • Added two sections of multi-dimensional parkour to level 2 after feedback from website form and playtesters
  • Added rotating laser emitters and complex laser emitter puzzles to level 4 because why not
  • Added cool end of level button (no spoilers)
  • Added acid barrels to level 2
  • Added new dark and light themed models for laser emitter
  • Added new secret code – 5136
  • Added new models for glass floors in level 3 making it less gross with texture overlapping
  • Added glowy platforms to level 4 to make it less gross and harder (who walks on normal bridges nowadays?)
  • Added more bugs because with new stuff comes new bugs, we all know this. Its your job to find them now!


  • Rotating powerline accepters in level 1 wont turn off if given correct sequence of power and rotated again
  • Multi-Dimensional platforms and parenting objects breaking carried cube if player does a stupid and toggles dimensions while standing on it
  • Albe is now self aware and is out to stop duality from working
  • Laser receiver wont untoggle toggled stuff if you give it the correct laser then rotate or move the emitter


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